Do you have what it takes?

Sliding Sports Australia is looking for serious athletes who demonstrate explosive strength, power and speed. Our Orientation/Recruitment/Testing Camps target athletes with backgrounds in athletics, rugby and beach sprinting etc. Although individual results are important, the ability to train and compete in a team, a serious training mentality and a passion for the sport are also highly advantageous.

Sliding Sports Australia (SSA) runs Orientation/Recruitment/Testing Camps in September of each year. The Sliding Sports Australia Talent Identification programs has been developed to:

  • Introduce athletes to the ice sliding sports and educate them on the fundamental principle for these sports;
  • Educate athletes about the athlete pathway, selection criteria and the various opportunities, resources and programs available to Australian Sliding Sport athletes;
  • Establish a consistent development process to Long Term Athlete Development;
  • Increase National Team athletes participation with developing athletes and athlete pathway initiatives;
  • Provide athletes with fundamental technical coaching and performance opportunities;
  • Showcase ‘what it takes’ to become an elite athlete in all Sliding Sports;

Sliding Sports Australia engages our elite, national team athletes to deliver our Talent Identification program, enabling participants to receive technical coaching, mentoring, and pathway direction from athletes that have successfully progressed through the pathway. Sliding Sports Australia aims to achieve a consistent message of Long Term Athlete Development and direct more developing athletes into our Athlete Pathway Programs.

Please review the Athlete Pathways and Selection Criteria under the ATHLETE HUB tab for additional information.

PLEASE NOTE: SSA does not accept new international athletes during the Olympic Season – as our focus is on our existing Developmental and National Team Athletes.

If you are interested in becoming a member of SSA – please contact us at to find out about the process and procedures required. As with all Sporting Associations membership of SSA is a privilege and not a right.

SSA Form A – Member Application 2017-18

SSA Membership Policy


SSA has a full set of policies – including a robust Member Protection Policy to ensure respect and equal opportunity for all members. SSA does not tolerate any form of nepotism, favouritism, bullying, discrimination, abuse or behaviour that brings discredit upon SSA or any of its members.

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